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Private Bartender Services: An indicator of economic bounce back?

by Jeremy on 07/25/13

Private Bartender Services: An indicator of economic bounce back?07/25/2013

The sting of 2008 is finally beginning to subside. Corporations are beginning to grow their employee base and cash reserves. These long awaited positive effects have come at the hand of severe cuts in pay and employees. As the economy takes a turn for the better, an increase in extravagant spending is fractionally returning. Specialized bartending companies are offering unique services to entertain companies who wish to show their success and vitality.

Many companies are now emerging leaner than ever; retaining only the best. This "cutting of the fat" resulted in corporate America placing a much higher value on their current staff.  We learned a valuable lesson in the past few years: quality over quantity; and the importance of needs verses wants.

In 2013, almost 5 years since the beginning of the Great Depression, companies are beginning to loosen their grip on expenditures. Businesses are rewarding their loyal members with extravagant parties. With the growth of requests for additional entertainment, a new type of corporate vendor has emerged: private bartending companies.

Professional bartender services protect the client against liability and add incredible flair and fun to parties. Higher-end bartender services provide consultation on guest to alcohol ratios, additional vendor guidance, insurance, and a level of planning you wouldn't expect from a Bartending staffing business.

Jeremy Bodechon, an event director for Bartender Atlanta, has seen tremendous growth.

"In 2013 alone, we have seen an incredible rise in corporate and private events. Corporate and private event planners now have access to specialized bartender entertainment.” - Jeremy Bodechon -

“Ever seen the movie cocktail? That is nothing compared to what our staff can do! Unique service offerings and quality is the key to our success."-Management –

If there ever was an indicator of growth, it’s the corporate party budget. The job market is opening up and demand for valued employees is increasing from competitors. To help offset this demand and retain their skilled employees, corporations are bringing back some "perks" they cut in 2008.  So if you are considering going "all out" for this year’s company party; you may consider a fire blower, flair, or trick bartenders. It displays your success; and more importantly entertain your guests.

Seeing small business succeed is the heart and soul of the American economy.  We hope it’s an indicator of expansion across the USA for years to come.


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