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Mark G. - Company Owner
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Office Party, Atlanta, GA
Atlanta, GA.

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I am Daniel's fiance, Courtney. I just had a few questions for you based upon the email below. Our venue has an ice machine (which I'm sure you already know). Do you that will be enough ice or do you recommend that we but more? ​I would recommend having someone bring about 50 extra pounds of ice to be safe. At our last event, the client had to go get more because the ice maker ran out.

​Also, since there is an ice machine, do you still need coolers/containers to store the ice?​ The containers are for the beer and wine, not the ice. So yes, we will still need them please. See attached recommendation in lieu of coolers. Do you need an extra table behind the bar? ​For the outside bar (if there is one) yes. Not needed for the inside bar.

Do you charge extra to offer a signature drink? ​No. As long as the ingredients are there, we can make whatever you like. If it's an uncommon cocktail, please provide a list of ingredients to the bartender (for that drink so they know how to make it)​Can we choose one that is not on your list?​ Yes of course. Our signature drinks are only suggestions. 

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Beer- 3 dif types
Wine- 3 whites / 3 reds

Soda water (2L)
Coke (2L)
Ginger ale (2L)
Sour mix (750ml) 
Sprite (2L)
Diet coke (2L)
Tonic (2L)
Cranberry juice (gallon Jug or equivelant)
Orange juice (gallon Jug or equivelant)
Bottled water- Case of 24
Cups- Clear Cocktail cups 11-12 oz tumbler- 40 cups/sleeves. Great for wine and cocktails
Beverage Napkins 
Trash Cans + Bags
Beer Buckets / Wine Buckets

Don't forget an Elite Private Bartender! - When reserving your bartender we provide a more detailed list for you. Each item above (and more) will have a suggested amount. So you can take our list right to the store!

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