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What are the requirements when serving alcohol?

Differences between: Insurance / Liquor License / Certifications/Pouring Permits

Alcohol law is very complicated. Elite Private Bartenders would like to share our confidential 3rd party researched information regarding alcohol laws, serving, and requirements. We hope providing information increases the potential of a preferred vendor relationship.

We are the experts regarding alcohol serving requirements. Elite Private Bartender routinely offers consultation, and creates policies for event venues. Please consider us a resource of information; because too often hosts and venues are unknowingly put at risk.

A. Insurance. Event venues should require vendor insurance. Specifically and most importantly, liquor liability and General Liability for any occasion serving alcohol. 
Standard (and common for event venues) requested vendor amounts:
2 mil aggregate in Liquor Liability, and
1 mil in Commercial General Liability

*Insurance is the most important requirement, and the most confused with B, C, and D. **

B. Liquor License. A Liquor License is not required for hosting private functions. Examples of need would be: Bars/restaurants and spaces where alcohol is charged per drink.  General Rule of Thumb: You do not need an Alcohol License if the drinks are free for the guest.

C. Bartender Certifications and Licenses. A bartender "license" or certification is not needed. Although contrary to popular belief, a bartender’s license does not exist. Private (for profit) bartender schools issue certificates (not licenses) which are NOT regulated or controlled by the state of Georgia. 

D. Pouring Permits
Pouring permits are not required in Atlanta. Although rare, venues require a police officer present at events where alcohol is served. The going rate for police officers is currently $35/hour, but may vary.  

We hope this article has been helpful. Please contact for further information at www.bartenderatlanta.com by requesting information on our page regarding alcohol laws. http://bartenderatlanta.com/Georgia-Alcohol-Party-Law.html. 

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