"She did an amazing job and most 
definitely represented an "Elite" feel."

Mark G. - Company Owner
Bartender provided for: 
Office Party, Atlanta, GA
Atlanta, GA.

Elite Private Bartenders: Event and Party Bartending
What you can expect working for Elite:
​Event bartending is a very ​fun segment of the hospitality business.​ You pick and choose the shifts you wish to work. For each shift you receive a base pay plus tips. We pay more than any other private bartender staffing company. Not to mention, it's a lot of fun! 

What Elite expects of you:
​Elite is a high-end private bartender service; and we expect the best. Elite is looking for individuals who are professional, dependable, organized, and fun! We require you to respond quickly and follow directions exactly. These attributes are more important than your bartending experience. 

​For consideration, please review carefully and follow the directions. 
Before the next steps, make sure you are comfortable:
1. Working at event spaces, offices, banquet halls, and private residences to work alone as a bartender.
2. High problem solving abilities. Solving onsite issues without assistance.
3. You possess/willing to buy: cork screw, bar towel, bottle opener, shaker, and strainer.
4. You are available most Saturdays and are eager to work events.
5. Being a bartender contractor. (paid by the event)
6. Event bartending varies by season and should not be counted on for a steady form of pay. Event bartending is generally viewed as a fun way to earn extra income on the weekends. 
7. Able to handle high volumes and the ability to serve at least 75 drinks per hour.

**Ideal candidate: You possess a professional job during the day; and are looking to earn some extra income on the weekends. Past bartending experience is required, but you don't have to be presently bartending at an establishment. In fact, it's actually preferred you are not a current bartender. We are more interested in the past mechanics of bartending; that is now paired with dependability, responsibility, and a fun social demeanor. If this sounds like you, please fill out the information below to receive further instructions.

***Important Note: If your answers do not fit the available options in the form, or you are unable to fill in boxes, please discontinue your application.
Full Name


Phone Number:

Facebook link: 

Do you own a vehicle?

How many events would you like to work a month?

Years of bartending (not serving) experience at a bar or restaurant:


Are you in school now?


Year I graduated high school: 

NEXT STEPS: Application
*Please note: We keep a set number of staff on our roster at any given time. When a spot opens you will be contacted if you meet our requirements. This could be as soon as today.