"She did an amazing job and most 
definitely represented an "Elite" feel."

Mark G. - Company Owner
Bartender provided for: 
Office Party, Atlanta, GA
Atlanta, GA.

Frequently asked questions.
What does the bartender do? 
-Imagine this: if you were to walk in to any high end establishment, we do everything their bartender can do.

-No problem. 

Shake up an incredible shot you've never had before?

Can they make chocolate martinis or something special? 
-Of course!

Can they greet at/near the door with drinks (if slow)? 
-Yes. Whatever it takes for your guests to have a wonderful time. 

When slow, would it be possible for him/her to help check to make sure food is adequate and to gather dirty plates/glasses?
-Absolutely. We treat your place just like we would our own bar serving station. This means, we set up, clean up, pick up plates, take out trash, and most importantly make sure you enjoy your own party. If you need help with anything at all, let us know. For example, - carry ice, help move food, help you set up, etc. Anything you have seen a bartender do, feel free to ask of us. The gist is, we are at your disposal.

Regarding Supplies: Who gets what?

Bartender provides:
Professional bartender skill to make anything you wish
All bar tools to shake, stir, strain or open.
Cleaning supplies and towels.

You generally provide:
1. All alcohol and consumables. We will provide a list for you. 
2. All mixers- talked with us for a suggested list.
3. Adequate area to serve drinks-"bar like" area encouraged.
4. Trash can near the bar.
5. Additional- cups, most people go through about 4 cups each.

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