"She did an amazing job and most 
definitely represented an "Elite" feel."

Mark G. - Company Owner
Bartender provided for: 
Office Party, Atlanta, GA
Atlanta, GA.

Elite's Atlanta's Wedding Tips

Here are some quick tips when hiring a bartender.

1. For event and party staffing, the restriction is time. You may be eligible for discounts if you're able to reserve bartenders 90 days or more in advance. Usually for a minimum deposit, (25-100 dollars) you'll get a secured date and guaranteed bartender for your event. 

2. Everyone thinks of a body behind a bar. This is of course the base of our business, but there are other things to consider. Will you need advice about coolers, bar placement, ice, set up, and how much to get of every item? What about the ice? (and much, much, more) A good bartender company will be able to provide all of these things for you.

3. Many times, it is a one person show, so make sure that they are properly equipped to handle all of your staffing requests. Just ask: "Will you be able to staff 4 bartenders for my event?" You'll be surprised how many people will hesitate. 

4. Make sure you are getting professional bartenders. Look for a company with an experienced staff. Generally, at a wedding there's a rush for the bar following the ceremony. Most companies will allow 75 guests per bartender. If you don't have experienced bartenders, then your guests will be waiting a long time for their first drink. Just ask them what kind of bartenders they hire. If they say "we get them right out of bartending school" (which most do) you'll probably want to hire another company.  

5. Hire a company that is insured. You want to make sure the company possesses Liquor Liability Insurance. The company pouring your liquor better be insured! Make them prove it. They should be able to easily provide you a certificate.

6. Professionalism is key- Get a professional quote for these companies. A simple email saying "it'll be 350.00" is not good enough, and should be a strong indicator of their work ethic. Get an overview of services and a structured quote.  
If you follow some of these simple steps, you will be able to hire professional, experienced, and responsible bartenders for your wedding. What clients sometimes forget or misjudge:

"My catering company provides bartenders". Better double check; just in case. Many times, they don't have the necessary liquor liability insurance.

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